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I’m Having Sinus Problems After A Root Canal! What Should I Do?

If you recently had root canal therapy on one of your upper teeth, chances are that the relatively routine procedure went smoothly, and the pain and discomfort from your infected tooth have gone away entirely.

However, if you start to feel sinus pressure and discomfort, you might be wondering whether these issues are normal. Is it serious? Did something go wrong? What should you do? If you’re having sinus troubles after a recent root canal, the team at De Anza Smiles wants you to be prepared and informed. Here’s what you should know:

Don’t Panic!

If you’re experiencing sinus issues after a root canal, don’t panic! It’s not uncommon to have some minor sinus symptoms after you’ve had root canal therapy performed on one of your upper teeth.

While removing infected pulp and cleaning the roots of the tooth, your dentist may have accidentally caused a “sinus communication” (an extremely tiny hole in the sinus lining). The sinus lining is near the root of your teeth, and it is very thin and delicate. Even a little bit of excessive pressure could cause a tiny rupture.

As a rule, this is nothing to worry about. Your sinus lining can heal itself from these kinds of tiny holes without any adverse side effects.

Assess Your Symptoms

The symptoms of a sinus communication usually include:

  • Feeling fluid go into the nose when drinking, or feeling air rush across the socket when breathing
  • Congestion and sinus pressure
  • A runny nose

These symptoms usually indicate a very minor sinus communication, which is nothing to worry about. However, the following symptoms denote more serious sinus damage, or an improperly-performed root canal procedure:

  • Serious pain and discomfort around the surgical site and the sinus
  • A metallic, “musty” or unpleasant taste in the mouth or nose
  • Any bleeding or pus, which could indicate an untreated infection at the root of the tooth

If you notice any of these above symptoms, you should see an experienced dentist like Dr. Saboowala right away, to make sure that you get the treatment you need to prevent further damage.

Wait For Your Symptoms To Improve – And See A Dentist If They Don’t!

As mentioned, most of the symptoms of a sinus communication should go away within just a few days. But if your symptoms don’t go away, or they worsen, you should see a dentist. You could be experiencing an infection, or have a serious puncture in your sinus lining that may require sutures to heal properly.

Know What To Expect – And When To Get Help For Sinus Issues After A Root Canal

Typically, an experienced dentist like Dr. Saboowala will be able to perform root canal therapy without any damage to the sinus lining. But sinus issues are not uncommon after a root canal, so it’s important to understand what’s normal, and what problems demand medical attention.

If you’re ever concerned about your sinuses after a root canal, contact De Anza Smiles for an appointment at (408) 255-1700. You can also stop our office at 20395 Pacifica Drive, Suite 103, Cupertino, CA 95014. We serve all of Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale and Los Altos, and we’re always accepting new patients.

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